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OpenCoffee – would You invest in Your idea?

Spark Demo, Narva mnt 3
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10.10.2019 kell 10:00-11:00

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We all fall on love with our idea. But what happens when we’re in love? Love makes us blind – we see only what we weant to see. There’s no one “other” out there. But is it really so?
Be brave and come pitch in front of our savvy investors who will give You straight and honest feedback. No sugarcoating, it will be served as it sounds. And then YOU can tell us, if You would invest into Your idea. This is a great opportunity to get feedback from top-notch people – some and use this chance to rise and shine!

The winning team will earn their place at Ajujaht TOP100 and the whole team will get tickets to sTARTUp Day 2020!

Investors will also give their insight to funniest and most craziest ideas they have been pitched or approached with. We all have had some, but we’ll probably not going to talk about Nigerian letters… or will we?



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