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Design for business: beyond beautiful business cards and websites

Londoni hotelli konverentsisaal
kõik huvilised
08.10.2020 kell 16:30-18:00
Tartu LV ettevõtluse arengu osakond, Velvet evo@tartulv.ee

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Design has usually been considered a creative activity whose main role is to provide beauty but increasingly, the work of designers has evolved to target wicked problems that affect areas previously not considered part of the design field.

How can design help organizations adapt, transform and face new challenges?
How can organizations put their design resources to better use?

To answer these questions, Sofía Vega Anza presents a series of projects done by design agency Velvet that show the practical use of design in organizations looking for change.

Sofía is a strategic designer in the renowned Estonian design agency Velvet. Her design practice has led her to develop services, create product concepts, design exhibitions, lead workshops and mentor students as a guest lecturer. She has experience working with both private and public organizations, from ceramists creating their personal websites to government bodies redesigning public services. She believes that design is key for organizations to navigate complexity and bring beauty to the world.